Pioneers in Digital Innovation, Transformation and Customer Engagement

DigitalDM have been pioneers in the digital solutions space since 1999, starting with its Digital Publishing solutions.

Today, DigitalDM offers an innovative range of Digital Solutions that enable our clients to deploy the finest Digital Experiences for their brands and engagement with their customers.

We work with a diverse and broad range of MNC and SME companies.

DigitalDM has its primary office in Sydney, with partner offices in London and North America, and its technical development offices in Barcelona and New Zealand.


DigitalDM Group now encompasses two core divisions in the digital space: . Innovative Digital Solutions . IT Services, Consultancy and Development


DigitalDM solutions include offerings from our innovative solutions partners:

Representative ASPAC

Admira CMS, Analytics and IoT
Representative ASPAC

Veesion. Ai Theft Detection in Real-time
Representative A/NZ

Qudini Online Booking and Queue Management
Representative A/NZ

BODD. Revolutionalising Garment Sizing
Distribution Partner. Americas and Europe


Retail Solutions Partner