Click and Collect

In-Store |  Online |  Tablet  |  Mobile

AssistMe Click and Collect can display an entire product range allowing customers to view and combine endless items to create their ideal outfits. It combines the best of the online and in-store shopping experience within the physical retail environment and drives incremental sales.

All items are displayed together with the price, complementary offers, instant purchase instructions along with the ability to share via Social Media platforms. Regular customers can log into their own personal ‘online store’, and recommendations will be made based on previous purchases, for that personal shopping experience.

All data captured can be accessed on the central CMS dashboard for analysis by the Buying, Merchandising and IT teams, providing invaluable customer insights.

Click and Collect In-Store

Available with optional Virtual Mirror / Dynamic Sizing

Customisable Sports Kit

In-Store Selection and Purchase

  • In-Store Touch Screen

    These touch screens can be located around a venue or even in remote locations.

  • Mobile Tablet

    The touch screen interfaces can also be used on a Windows Tablet by in-store staff.

Virtual Outfitter

AssistMe Click and Collect on Wall Mount

Virtual Outfitter

AssistMe Click and Collect on Touch Screen Stand

Virtual Outfitter

AssistMe Click and Collect on Mobile Tablet

Benefits to the Customer

  • Quickly and easily view and build outfits from a selection of hundreds of garments, styles, brands and colours
  • Search entire collections quickly and easily
  • Place orders in-store for home delivery
  • Save selections to a personal wardrobe

Virtual Mix and Match

Benefits to the Retailer

  • Showcase entire collections which may not have been previously possible due to floor space
  • Increase up-selling and cross selling opportunities for increased revenue
  • Enhance customer service
  • Improve marketing and brand awareness via social media
  • Reduce missed sales opportunities
  • All data captured can be accessed on the central CMS dashboard providing invaluable customer insights.

Interested in an Mobile App version of the AssistMe Click and Collect for customers?  Give us a call.