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DigitalDM has launched the latest generation of cross-platform 3D Wayfinding solutions, encompasses the latest generation of 3D Wayfinding Maps with the addition of Venue, POI and Advertising content.

Our innovative 3D Wayfinder operates on interactive Kiosks, Websites and Mobile devices, all from the same CMS administration. Our clients can choose any combination of the three variants as required.

The Kiosk or Wall mounted units can use either the client’s own hardware or our range of inexpensive commercial units.

As a ‘SaaS’ application suite – encompassing resident Wayfinding Apps and an integrated CMS – we manage the entire project for quick and easy deployment across your choice of Kiosks, Websites and Mobile apps.



Ideal for Shopping Malls, Big Box Stores, Conference and Exhibition Centres, Museums, Office Complexes, Universities, Transport Hubs, Casinos and Hotel Complexes, Cruise Ships and much more…

Unique 3D Wayfinding for Kiosk, Web and Mobile

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    Immersive solution for an engaging customer Journey

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    Deploys across Touch Screen, Website and Mobile Apps

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    Full 3D Touch interactivity, Map Scrolling and Advertising

Unique Features for Customer Engagement

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    Mobile Apps integrated with iBeacons

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    Multi-lingual with rich media content across and real time information

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    Change Advertising, Maps and Content remotely

Flexible and Customisable Interfaces for both Landscape and Portrait modes



3D Wayfinder Mobile Apps. With both Web and Native App options

All Managed from the same Central CMS

3D Wayfinder

Mobile Apps

Our 3D Wayfinder is available in both Web and Native App variants.

  • Web Apps in 2D (browser through QR delivery)
  • Native Apps in 3D (both OS and Android)
  • Mobile App integrates with iBeacons and Cisco MSE

Choose from our contemporary range of Kiosk and Stand Options

Or simply Design and Build your own!



We can deliver your 3D Wayfinding Solution on a contemporary range of Landscape and Portrait Kiosks and Stands, at very cost effective pricing.
Either brand wrapped or in your own individual colours to match the venue.

Or you can design and build your own Kiosks or Stands encompassing your preferred screen and PC choices. No dedicated hardware is required!

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