blogWhere do consumers get their breaking news? According to an August 2014 study from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) conducted by comScore, 80{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9} of US adult internet users accessed digital news content. In terms of unique visitors, the digital newspaper audience came in at 164 million this past August—an 18{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9} year-over-year increase.

One reason for the growth? Mobile devices. The percentage of mobile-only digital newspaper readers more than doubled between August 2013 and August 2014, while the portion of unique visitors who only looked at news on desktops and laptops dropped 16{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9}. But not all mobile users had ditched their PCs—the number of readers who looked at digital news via mobile and nonmobile devices rose 48{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9}.

Thanks to massive growth, mobile-only news readers represented the largest portion of the digital newspaper audience, at 38{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9} of the total. Despite its decline, the PC-only group still beat out those who used a combination of mobile and nonmobile devices, with respective shares of 34{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9} and 28{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9}.

NAA and comScore reported that young females—ages 18 to 24—showed the largest increase in mobile-only readers, leaping 204{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9} year over year. Males ages 35 to 44 and 45 to 54 had the second- and third-biggest rises, at impressive rates of 188{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9} and 163{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9}, respectively. The mobile-only newspaper audience also more than doubled among women 55 and older (122{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9}) and 25-to-34-year-old men (119{69ae0a25d93a3bfb4c7a14c6cb5bc2b4db8e6111ae4c35307d8a6dded8443ab9}).


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