How Facial Recognition is transforming the retail industry

At first glance, the retail industry might not be a place where you would expect to find a huge demand for facial recognition technology. But if you take a closer look, you will see that there is plenty of potential for this technology to change the world of retail.

Facial Recognition in Retail



Let’s have a look at the various ways in which face recognition can be used within retail:

  • Frictionless shopping: Amazon [link to Facial Recognition Software Companies article], for example, has already started using facial recognition to introduce frictionless shopping in their Amazon Go stores by allowing shoppers to pay for their purchases by scanning their faces. Since the goods are tagged with RFID chips, and people’s faces are attached to their payment methods in a database, it’s not necessary for customers to manually scan the goods or to present their credit cards to make the payment.
  • Personalized shopping experience: Facial recognition makes it easy to identify VIP customers and to make them special offers in store.
  • Enhanced customer service: When integrated with other systems, facial recognition can provide access to a wide range of data on individual customers. The type of data includes how frequently a customer visits the store, when they last made a purchase, what their frequently purchased items are, and so on. With this information, store assistants can provide more efficient customer service and more personalized assistance to each customer.
  • Loyalty programs: Retailers usually have comprehensive data on their loyalty program members, along with permission to use this data for personalized marketing. This makes it easy to use facial recognition to make specialized offers to these customers in-store. One example would be where a kiosk in a fast food outlet presents a customer with a customized display of their favorite dishes when they go up to order.


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