Back in 2007, after watching Mark Zuckerberg on stage at Facebook Platform announcement, one thing became clear to many; this appearance would one day be remembered as historic as the 1983 Apple Keynote of Young Steve Jobs. Flash forward today, Facebook is a 200 billion dollar behemoth.
But the game is still on, and social networking landscape keeps changing quickly. Twitter is back in the game with Jack Dorsey at the helm. Facebook is no Myspace. It’s on top of its game and is fast at adapting to those changes with its quick pivots (e.g native mobile apps) and multi billion dollar acquisitions such as instagram and Whatsapp, not to mention futuristic bets such as Oculus VR. But there’s more happening and more to come.
Below is a list of things to happen in the social networking world, starting with the most obvious and moving to the most utopian ones.


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