There are many different ways to display and distribute your Digital Publications Online.

These options are automatically available on your edition Order summary page inside your Account, after your edition is created.
1. Displaying your editions on Social Media
2. By URL links (in an email) to your global audience
3. Display edition cover on your website and load URL link behind
4. Embed mini version in an iframe on your website. Secure display option.
5. Add mini buttons to your edition on your website



Edition embedded in a website page. Click through the pages and watch all the videos…

Note: The zoom button on the edition’s inside Nav Bar expands the edition to full screen size.

EDITION displayed in a website LIGHTBOX

Epublish Manual Click to Read

1. Download Lightbox from and install it on your server.
Note: Lightbox is not compatible with iOS platform.

2. Paste the following code into your HTML.
<a href=””””><img src=””image.png”” alt=”””” width=””110″” height=””150″” /></a>

3. In the HTML code, change the id code to your ebook id code (blue) and image source (img src) to the directory where your image is located.


This is the edition’s Client Branded Page (launch page) where the user can choose the version of the edition they wish to open.

Either Online (for PC, Mac, Tablet or Mobile) or Desktop (saved copy on your PC / Mac desktop) versions. The Edition Splash page automatically checks your OS / Browser combination and then scales automatically for your screen size.

Links for all these edition types are automatically available when your edition is PUBLISHED.
Just refer to the edition Order Summary page inside your Account.