The pharmacy arm of well-known Michigan-based supercenter chain, Meijer, is using the Qudini Appointment Scheduling System to register 240,000 COVID-19 vaccines to residents of Michigan and other states throughout the Midwest as a part of the Ford Field program.

Vaccination pods line the Adams Street concourse at Ford Field in Detroit, on Thursday, March 18, 2021. The mass vaccination clinic is scheduled to open March 22 for people ages 50-64 and 16-49 with disabilities or preexisting conditions. (Mike Mulholland |

Inside the Ford Field Vaccination Clinic.

According to Michigan news site, MLive, the Ford Field program will open for Michigan residents on Wednesday, March 24, and will vaccinate up to 6,000 residents a day across two clinics located at the Detroit Lions stadium, as well as 1,000 shots a day through mobile sites.

Meijer’s president and CEO, Rick Keyes, told the news publication that they were selected to help with registration due to prior success with signup options:

“Our Meijer pharmacy and store teams have administered 225,000 COVID-19 vaccines to Michiganders and a total of 350,000 vaccines to people and communities we serve throughout the Midwest,” he said. “We’ve been able to do that by leveraging an online registration effort that to date has allowed us to register more than 1.8 million people for vaccines.”

The first doses will go to those 50 and older and those with pre-existing medical conditions, and from April 5, all Michigan residents 16 and older will be able to receive the vaccine.

The Ford Field program is a collaborative effort between the federal government, the state, the Protect Michigan Commission, Meijer and the Henry Ford Health System. Michigan residents are able to receive the vaccine without cost or health insurance – and, according to MLive, “many alluded to vaccine disparities along racial lines and how initiatives like these fill equity gaps.”

How Meijer’s COVID-19 vaccine jab customer journey works

Michigan residents are able to register for the vaccine through Meijer’s online portal. Here’s how the customer journey works:

  • Patients arrive at the online portal.
  • They are asked if they have a disability, work in healthcare (or have family who do), or have any underlying medical illnesses.

The customer journey has several prioritization elements.

  • They are asked to read over the privacy and discrimination policies, and info on what to expect on the day.
  • They are then asked to complete some basic personal details such as name, address, phone number etc.

The COVID-19 vaccine registration process for Meijer Pharmacy.

  • Registered applicants will be notified when their vaccine appointment is scheduled, and can choose a text or phone notification.
  • The messages contain further instructions on getting the appointment scheduled, including if the applicant needs transportation or disability accommodations. (Messages will be sent out four to seven days beforehand.)
  • Patients also have the option to text an SMS code or call a state run phone number for those without internet access.
  • On the day of the appointment, patients arrive at the Ford Field program and enter the gate they’re told to go through in the scheduling email. Staff will conduct a health screening and non-contact temperature checks before they sign-in at the registration desk.

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