Interactive Digital Signage For oOH Media

We are proud to be creating Interactive Campaign Signage for oOH Media Australia.
Our interactive campaigns turn your boring Digital Signage – that everyone normally walks past – into a truly interactive “Touch” experience for greater customer engagement.

Ideal for Interactive Digital Posters, Advertising and Informational Screens.

  • Touch, Swipe, and Interact with the screen
  • Click the QR code to download to your mobile
  • Interact with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Geo location and RFID activated.

ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank branches in New Zealand

  • Designed as in-branch Information Centres for customers, Bank staff and their call centres.
  • Head Offices updates the kiosks – via wireless internet connection – through the central Administration Centre.

So that customers and staff always have the latest information, eBrochures and promotions at their fingertips.

Bankwest Australia

Bankwest Australia has introduced interactive competition kiosks for the launch of its new bank branches.

Customers can enter their promotional pin number from marketing collateral sent by mail, email or through local activities. If the correct number is entered, the kiosk accepts the number and prints a custom voucher for shopping in the local area.

Winning vouchers can be varied depending on the pin order entered.


Fasta Food

Fast Food Order Kiosks

Ideal for fast ‘Fresh’ Food Outlets with long queues.

Kiosk’s deployed at the beginning of the ordering queues.

  • Shortens queue times and reduces ‘walk-aways’
  • Increases average sale, as all choices are offered in simple ‘picker’ process
  • Full payment solution and Loyalty Card points on the kiosk
  • Wireless connection to online administration module (Head Office) for updating of content, pushing new promotions and reporting

Hospitality Interactive ‘Smart’ Concierge Kiosk

Designed for hotel lobbies, Business Centres, Public Area’s and even Tradeshow booths.

  • Acting as a Virtual Concierge, the kiosks can be located anywhere in the hotel, being directly in front of your VIP’s, Club members and guests at all times.
  • Electronic eBrochure and Video Rack (no more empty and/or out of date brochure racks!)
  • Kiosks can also act as ‘booking kiosk’ for reservations at all hotels. Linked to the group booking site.
  • With the latest eBrochures and Videos, each hotel in the network is always uptodate on its sister hotels and Group Activities / Promotions.
  • Latest Group Promotions / Videos and Offers can be displayed in the Home Screen of all hotels immediately. via simple wireless ‘push’ to the deployed kiosks.
  • Central CMS provides H/Q and Regional offices with full management / updating control of all the kiosks in the network. Every Hotel updated overnight.

Taj Kiosk



Retail Kiosk . B&Q UK’s leading DIY Retailer with over 330 stores

Large screen 42” kiosk deployed in the B&Q Bolton store.

  • Full branded interface with carousel and bookshelves
  • Co-Op Partner Videos and Promotions
  • Store Promotions and Offers
  • Store Map and interactive Product Locators
  • Full range of digital eBrochures and self-help videos
  • Printable ‘project’ and ‘client entered’ shopping lists
  • Email capture and ’email home’ functions
  • QR codes for products and Co-Op Partners
  • Full tracking of customer usage and preferences