1. Uneasy Street: The ubertrend for 2016 is the sense of unease that pervades much if not most of life, including keeping children safe, climate change and many more worries.

2. Tech Addict: Over connection is disconnection, has technology really brought us together as a society? Expect to see programs of cyber self-control becoming as common as diets and exercise programs

3. The Golden Age of B.S: Anyone, anywhere, on any platform can voice their opinion on serious, controversial and/or trivial matters, as a result facts and truth will matter less in the constant struggle for media attention.

4. What’s Renewable will be new again: New areas of tech lust will open up for consumer-oriented renewable technologies, however, only through must-have trend responses.\\

5. OUT: Overprotective Parenting: Parents who shield their young children don’t know the damage and vulnerability they are causing for them. We will see the toughening up of kids rise.

6. Mind the App: Expect a DIY apps economy, where inventive, but non-techie DIYers invent apps in a massive wave of crowdsourced problem solving.

7. Getting Smart: Motorized, digitized and now Smartification. 2016 will see the increase of smart technology, as any item with a chip will be “smart” and become overused.

8. The Roar of the Cloud: We’ll all find less functional value for activities in the same physical space as others. The appeal of attending activities and events in a physical space diminishing, and the popularity virtual experiences increasing.

9. Livin’ Large No more: As a result of affordability and livability sacrifices will need to be made, with regional centres becoming attractive alternatives to overcrowed and overpriced cities.

10. Experience is the new classroom: Employers, understand that robust experiential education must be key to their business model, by looking to target candidates with relevant industry experiences as opposed to educational achievements.

11. Cooking, RIP: Preparing meals from fresh raw ingredients will seem as old-fashioned and unnecessary as killing a chicken for dinner seems today. At every level, the market for easy-cook and no-cook ingredients will keep rising.


Source: Havas PR