The SNAP ePublishing 2.0 is actively used by SNAP office’s to assist in their sales activities with their clients.

The rise of mobile devices has led to so many options for content delivery beyond pure print, and SNAP ePublishing 2.0 was borne out of SNAP customer requests for a combo print and digital solution.

SNAP ePublishing 2.0 is designed for the instant creation of Digital Editions – ‘on the fly’.
Just so SIMPLE: Upload existing ‘print ready’ pages, add rich media, click and your Digital Publication is ready.



As digital Publications are so flexible, you and your customers can use them so many way:

  • Create a digital version of any print job to allow customer to view prior to job sign-off.
  • Add the Digital Version to any job to win the business over your competition.
  • Allow your customers the ability to send digital version of their publications beyond their budget for the pure paper print run.
  • Customers can post their Digital Publications in areas where print does not work, such as on their websites, Social Media pages and in their email campaigns.
  • Allow your customers the ability to add all their URL link, sound and video clips to their digital publications to enhance the user experience.
  • Create Newsstands of multiple brochures and publications.
  • Allow the customer to keep the Digital Publication as archive copy of the print job.
  • And many more…

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Digital Publishing.
Our Core Features

Publish in Seconds. Incredibly Easy to Use!


  • Create Unlimited Free Editions
    Just Upload your Pages and PUBLISH
  • Add Stunning Rich Media
    Web & Page Links, Sound and Video
  • Brand & Advertising
    Add your own Advertising banners
  • SELL your Editions Online
    Set your Price. eCommerce enabled
  • Keep all your SALES Revenue!
    No revenue share with 3rd Parties!
  • Cross-Platform Device enabled
    Web, iOS, Android & FIRE / NEXUS
  • No Apps Required
    Instantly available on all Mobile browsers
  • Social Media & Search Optimised
    Add to any Social Media with one click
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
    Website, Embed, Email or Social Media
  • Save OFFLINE Edition
    On PC and Mac Desktop, with one click
  • Advanced Reporting
    Comprehensive Tracking statistics
  • Get Online Support
    Live Support inside your account

With Rich Media

Publishers can easily enter the realm of inter-active ‘rich media’ editions – with the ability to overlay hyper-links, flash animation, sounds and videos – to give the reader a media-rich viewing experience unlike that offered by traditional print.

Thereby combining the best of print productions and website rich media.

  • URL, Page and Email links on any page
  • Sound Clips
  • Video Clips
  • Flash animations, such as colour swatches, product animations
  • Rollovers and Pop-ups for additional information related to pages
  • e-Commerce linking to the client’s shopping engines
  • DRM (Digital Rights Management) linking to the clients subscription and security requirements.

rich media enabled

Global Distribution

With unlimited ‘proactive’ global distribution via the client and affiliate websites, social media sites, email campaigns and even delivered by USB / CD-ROM’s.

global distribution

Editions can be hosted by us and/or hosted by the client.

  • Ideal for aggregated distribution strategies, such as digital News-stands.
  • Comprehensive online tracking of reader activities – such as edition openings, page views and Advertiser URL link click-throughs – to help Publishers close the loop with their advertisers.

Comprehensive Tracking

Every Edition can be tracked for a range of statistics, in ‘real-time 24/7′, providing immediate opportunities to view user activities.

  • Visitor Statistics: Statistics are provided for the unique number of visitors, page viewed and advertiser/video URL link click-throughs – to help Publishers close the loop with their advertisers.
  • Rich Media Impressions: Statistics on links clicked for activation of sound, video and Flash animations.
  • Geographic Statistics The statistics are sub-divided by country, region and city. The distribution is illustrated on simple lists, giving you a more precise overview.
  • User Systems: Statistics on the user’s browser and operating systems used to view the Editions.
  • Referrer Statistics and User Systems: Statistics are provided for the referrer sites and Search engines.



1. Monthly Unlimited Publications.
Produce unlimited digital versions of your clients.
One low monthly fixed fee. You can then charge your clients what you want and/or give away free as an incentive to win the print job or as a sales extension of the client.

2. Pay As You Go, by Page count.
Produce digital versions of your clients and then activate if you or the client wish to use.
Either pay for the digital Publications as an add-on and/or customer pays as part of the print job.
What you charge your Customers is ENTIRELY at your discretion!

The ePublications 2.0 pricing is inclusive of hosting, page conversion, all edition variants (Online, Desktop and Mobile) and all rich media items. Both plans are simply paid with a credit card.

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