• Select and show promotional videos of different vehicles or products using a demonstration tablet or on the customers own smart phone.
  • Play promotional videos on a showroom video wall or digital screen, controlled from customers own mobile device.
  • Provide downloadable images to customers mobile phone showing different cosmetic options.
  • Provide downloadable brochures to customers mobile phone or showroom tablet,┬áreducing printing costs and waste.
  • Track name, contact details, gender and dwell times of visitors.
  • Automatically recognise and welcome a returning visitor with an email or browser message direct to their mobile phone.
  • All without expensive APP development and without a customer first having to download another APP to their smart phone.
  • MoZONE perfectly complements showroom and retail environments
  • Customers can see product videos on their hand-held smart phone or tablet then download brochures to take home (eliminating print costs)
  • Customers can even use their mobile phone to control content on an external large size digital screen, where installed, for an immersive product demonstration