Offer FREE WiFI and Transform your Customer Engagement!
  • FREE Wi-Fi is vital to customer engagement as they use their mobile devices to look up product coupons, product reviews, price comparisons,  photos of products, social media and customer service inquiries!
  • With MoZONE FREE “WiFi”, the customer only has to register ONCE and is then automatically connected in all client locations powered by MoZONE
  • Customers get FREE WiFI and clients get to deliver relevant, location specific content and offers to the customers mobile device for a personalised experience
  • Invite new users to complete a fast one-time registration via their mobile device, to enable future automatic reconnection within any MoZONE enabled branch.
  • Connect with visitors through shop front window before they enter store.
    Reach out to them at a later date if they do not enter the store.
  • Welcome return visitors with a personalised email direct to their smartphone as they enter store, together with relevant offers.
  • Delight customers with location-specific ‘hidden’ offers via their smartphones, to redeem at till.
  • Inform visitors with relevant and selected product demonstrations, using rich content direct to their mobile devices.
  • Enable users to connect with, and also control, an in-store digital screen or video wall, via their mobile device, for an interactive one-on-one experience. Enable them to see different styles or colours of product on the large screen before trying on in store.
  • Eliminate interactive kiosk congestion by enabling visitors to emulate the in-store kiosk capabilities on their mobile devices.
  • Track name, contact details, gender and dwell times of visitors for analysis and future promotion planning.