WiFI Proximity Marketing allows our Clients to interact with 100% of their Customers via FREE WiFi to their mobile browsers – with no Apps required – to deepen the connection with their customers, encourage more loyalty and greatly improve the customer experience.


FREE MoZONE “WiFi” works with every smartphone browser, so no APP is required!  Just Click and Connect.


Register ONCE for the FREE WiFi and then be recognised across all MoZONE powered venues.


Browse the Web and receive real time offers, loyalty rewards, coupons, and promotional offers.


How our MoZONE Proximity WiFi Works

  • MoZONE hubs create a FREE Wi-Fi ‘hotspot’ and smartphone customers interact using their mobile browsers = NO Apps
  • Customers get FREE Wi-FI and clients get to deliver relevant, location specific content and offers to the customers mobile device for a personalised experience.
  • Content can include product information, informative video demonstrations, secret deals, discount coupons or promotional offers for redemption at check-out.
  • Customers only REGISTER ONCE to get FREE WiFi and then they are recognised across any client MoZONE hotspot within their network.
  • MoZONE also enables businesses to review their customer’s choices, gender and dwell times at each location providing valuable marketing data and metrics.


Closes The Last Gap Between The Customer And The Point of Purchase!


Offer FREE WiFI and Transform your Customer Engagement!

  • FREE Wi-Fi is vital to customer engagement as they use their mobile devices to look up product coupons, product reviews, price comparisons,  photos of products, social media and customer service inquiries!
  • With MoZONE FREE “WiFi”, the customer only has to register ONCE and is then automatically connected in all client locations powered by MoZONE


Research shows that LESS than 10% of shoppers will use Retailer specific APP’s in-store, while over 90% will use FREE WiFi when it is made available!

  • MoZONE “FREE WiFi” requires no APPs.
  • MoZONE works with all smartphones browsers reaching over 90% of customers and shoppers in-store.
  • Customers get FREE WiFI and clients get to deliver relevant, location specific content and offers to the customers mobile device for a personalised experience.


Brands and locations simply place their desired content into a dropbox folder and MoZONE instantly creates an interactive message for all your customers!

  • Promotions. Delivers messages with real time offers, loyalty rewards, coupons and information
  • Price tags. Place 3 digit code on any product and Mozone identifies product deals, videos, coupons, brochures
  • Screens. Customers can select videos to play on your digital signage screens for increased engagement
  • Passing Traffic. Even Connect with visitors who just walk past your store or venue with all your offers!


It is incredibly easy to get started with MoZONE!

  • Each MoZONE Hub instantly creates a Proximity Marketing ‘WiFi” hotspot, ranging from 20 to 100 metres
  • MoZONE is plug-and-play – just needs a powerpoint – and fully compatible with your existing infrastructure
  • Five minutes to deploy. Power on, connect to the cloud and your MoZONE “FREE WiFi” hotspot is live
  • Totally secure. Client privacy is paramount and protected with WPA2 encryption



MoZONE hubs create a FREE WiFi ‘hotspot’ and customers interact using their mobile browsers = NO Apps!

Customers only REGISTER ONCE to the FREE WiFi and then they are recognised across any client venue powered by MoZONE.

MoZONE Offers An Amazing Range of Benefits

  • For your Customers, MoZONE offers FREE Wifi with a smarter and enhanced shopping experience
  • For Retailers, MoZONE delivers location specific offers, coupons and promotions directly to the customers mobile phone
  • MoZONE can operate multiple zones with separate content and seamless transition across zones
  • MoZONE Users register once and then are instantly recognised at any Mozone powered venue
  • MoZONE is APP free … no Apps clogging your phone, nor annoying Bluetooth ‘pings
  • MoZONE works with any Wi-Fi enabled smart-device (iOS, Android and Windows)
  • MoZONE content and messages are incredibly easy to add or modify via Dropbox
  • MoZONE is fast and simple to deploy and even works through store front windows
  • MoZONE has the ability to interact with and manage content on in-store digital screens
  • Retailers and Brands can Obtain marketing statistics, customer analytics, demographics data in real-time

Ideal for Shopping Malls, Big Box Stores, Conference and Exhibition Centres, Museums, Office Complexes, Universities, Transport Hubs, Casinos and Hotel Complexes, Cruise Ships and much more…